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Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2018-2021)

Lieutenant Colonel Petr Michenka joined the Czechoslovak Air Force in 1990. He earned his pilot wings in 1996 and graduated from the Czech University of Defence in Brno with an Aviation and Rocketry Degree in 2001. He served as a fighter pilot with more than 1,500 flying hours (L-159 ALCA, J-39 Gripen). His operational experience includes several staff officer positions within the Czech Air Force HQ. From 2015 till 2018 he was the commander of 212th Tactical Squadron in Čáslav Air Base. In 2016 he was the Commander of 1st Czech Air Advisory Team in AFB Balad (Iraq).

In 2018 he joined the Assessment, Coordination & Engagement branch at the JAPCC in Kalkar.

Information provided is current as of January 2020

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