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Major Sameek Parsa earned his commission through the Reserve Officers Training Corps in 2007. He is a Senior Air Battle Manager with experience in the NATO E-3A, and USAF E-3B/C/G, E-8C JSTARS and possesses qualifications as an Evaluator Senior Director/Fighter Allocator and Instructor Air Weapons Controller. During previous assignments, he served in the Combined Air Operations Center, United States Central Command and has over 1,700 flight hours supporting operations in the Pacific, Central America, and Middle East area of operations. Currently, he is the Deputy Chief of Requirements at Headquarters, NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force and serves as a focal point for strategic requirements development for NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control systems in support of NATO Defence Planning.

Information provided is current as of March 2018

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Gateway to Multi-Domain Command and Control

The E-3A Final Lifetime Extension Program
By Maj 
By Maj 
Since NATO’s inception, airpower’s role has evolved from a key enabler of military capability to that of a primary means of executing the Alliance’s three core tasks: collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security. With [...]

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