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Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force

Major General Skinnarland started her military career in the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s control and reporting branch in 1988. With this background, she has worked at all levels including Commander of the 130th Air Wing at Air Force Station Maageroe from 2007–2010, and as detachment commander of the Air Control Unit during Operation Baltic Accession from 2004–2005. Her experience in the Norwegian Ministry of Defence includes a period as acting Second-in-command of the Department of Security Policy and operations. Since 2015, Major General Skinnarland has served in various positions in the Air Force Staff, including a period as project leader for the re-organization of the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s top-level command structure. Having previously filled the position as Chief of Air Staff, Skinnarland was appointed as the acting Norwegian Air Chief in 2016, before she was promoted to Major General and became the actual Air Chief at the beginning of 2017.

Information provided is current as of June 2018

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The JAPCC’s Interview with Major General Tonje Skinnarland, Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force
First, I would stress that in the European part of the Alliance we need to pay attention both to the South, East and the North. In many ways, the different regions have different challenges. However, [...]

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