Lieutenant Colonel

Tuncay Yunus 


National Defence University

Lieutenant Colonel PhD Tuncay Yunus Erkec graduated in 2003 from the Turkish Air Force Academy with a BSc in Electronic Engineering, in 2017 from the Istanbul Technical University with a MSc, and in 2021 had his PhD at the National Defense University, Hezarfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute for Space Sciences. He currently works as an assistant professor in the same department. He served as a NATO FOB operations officer and acting commander and was awarded a NATO Meritorious Service Medal. He holds a patent on satellite design and is a Commercial Pilot license holder. His research topics include satellite design, satellite attitude and orbit determination, Kalman filtering, relative navigation, and formation satellite flight.

Information provided is current as of July 2022

From the Author

Cluster Satellite Architectures

Micro Satellites Formation Flight
By Lt Col 
Tuncay Yunus 
Satellites make outstanding contributions to the military, political, and economic power of states, especially in surveillance, reconnaissance, offensive, and defence missions. Besides their low-cost development and zero risk to human life, satellites also have the advantage [...]

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