The Journal of the JAPCC serves as a forum for presenting topics and stimulating innovative thinking about strategic, operational and tactical aspects of ‘Transforming Joint Air and Space Power’. Each year, at least 26 articles are published in two periodicals designed to promote awareness of the Air and Space power issues of the day through interviews with JAPCC Sponsor Nation Air Chiefs and other senior leaders and articles from both JAPCC Staff Officers and external authors. The principal focus of the majority of articles is the presentation and discussion of concepts for the future development and evolution of Alliance capabilities. Capability development, concepts and doctrine, techniques and procedures, interoperability, exercises and training, force structure and readiness are also addressed.

Current and past JAPCC Journal issues can be downloaded from this page.


Journal Edition 36

We are excited to unveil the new and improved JAPCC Journal, offering a transformative reading experience with captivating articles. To begin, it is crucial to highlight that the enduring conflict between tyranny and liberty remains [...]

Journal Edition 35

The quest for peace in Eastern Europe is still in progress. Through resourcefulness and grit, the Ukraine Armed Forces have fought Russia to a standstill and earned the admiration and support of the Western world. [...]

Journal Edition 34

On 24 February 2022, our world shuddered with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Directly adjacent to NATO’s borders, this treacherous act should be considered a wake-up call for recognizing the dangers and threats still facing [...]

Journal Edition 33

It is a great honour to introduce myself as the new editor of the Journal of the JAPCC, and as the newly appointed Assistant Director of the JAPCC. The role of editor is a significant [...]

Journal Edition 32

After three exciting years in Kalkar, my tour as the Assistant Director of the JAPCC and the editor of this Journal ends in September 2021. The time consuming task of being the editor of this [...]

Journal Edition 31

As I near the end of my five years in Kalkar it is my privilege to introduce the 31st edition of Transforming Joint Air and Space Power – The Journal of the JAPCC. Throughout my [...]

Journal Edition 30

Our world has faced a challenging last few months in this first half of 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic influenced every area of our daily lives and did not spare the Air & Space Power Community. [...]

Journal Edition 29

It was my distinct pleasure to lead the JAPCC team in organizing and hosting this year’s Joint Air and Space Power Conference: ‘Shaping NATO for Multi-Domain Operations of the Future’. This annual gathering drew more [...]

Journal Edition 28

As the Assistant Director of the JAPCC, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the 28th Edition of the ‘Journal of the JAPCC’ and congratulate authors for their most valuable contributions on Joint Air & [...]

Journal Edition 27

2018 was another eventful year for the JAPCC and I am very proud to be the new Assistant Director of NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air & Space Power. On 15 [...]

Journal Edition 26

After four thrilling years in Kalkar, my tour as the JAPCC Assistant Director and my time as the Editor of this Journal ends in August 2018. Editing the Journal was probably one of the most [...]

Journal Edition 25

2017 was another fruitful year for the JAPCC. While we continued our core business as NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; some significant projects were completed and many [...]

Journal Edition 24

It is our great pleasure to present the 24 generation aircraft that will remain widely in service. This is a capability that is going to truly transform the way NATO air power is employed across [...]

Journal Edition 23

2016 was an extremely fruitful year for the JAPCC. While we continued our core business as NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; some significant projects were completed and [...]

Journal Edition 22

It is my great pleasure to present you the 22nd ­Edition of the JAPCC Journal. The opening article of this edition is an interview with The ­Netherlands’ Air Chief Lieutenant General Schnitger, who offers us [...]

Journal Edition 21

It is my great pleasure to present you the 21st Edition of the JAPCC Journal. The opening article of this edition is an interview with Lieutenant General Preziosa, Chief of the Italian Air Force, who [...]

Journal Edition 20

As the Director of the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC), it is my pleasure to introduce the 20th Edition of ‘The Journal of the JAPCC’. In this special edition, we celebrate the JAPCC’s 10th [...]

Journal Edition 19

‘Our Alliance now faces the increasingly dire risk of not having the right capabilities and / or sufficient quantities of air power and access to space capabi­lities to cope with the security challenges outlined in NATO’s forward [...]

Journal Edition 18

“Gentlemen we have run out of money. It is time to think.” Winston Churchill, Prime Minister UK, 1940 This quote is applicable to most NATO nations for the past two decades when governments started to [...]

Journal Edition 17

NATO’s Air Power has been of utmost importance to the Alliance since its inception. Time and time again, NATO and the Alliance nations have turned to Air Power as their first, and in some cases [...]

Journal Edition 16

“Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances.” Dr. Lee DeForest, Radio Pioneer, 1957 Whilst not all predictions are as bold or naïve as the one above, the lesson is history [...]

Journal Edition 15

2012 is an important and challenging year in which many countries have to deal with economic problems, budget cuts and overcome them in order to avoid unprecedented crises that could spread to the rest of [...]

Journal Edition 14

As the Director of the Joint Air Power Competence Centre, I am delighted to introduce the fall edition of the Journal. The Journal of the JAPCC prides itself on expressing Air and Space Power ideas [...]

Journal Edition 13

“… after 30-plus years of serving in many different organizations, both parochial and multinational, I personally can say unequivocally that there is no organization who could have accomplished what we have been able to achieve [...]

Journal Edition 12

‘Air is our strategic advantage but can become a strategic vulnerability if not employed with restraint and precision’ Gen Stanley McChrystal, COM ISAF in a letter to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff on 24 [...]

Journal Edition 11

‘I estimate that, without Air & Space (A&S) Power, 500,000 to 600,000 troops would be needed in Afghanistan to achieve the same effects as the 40,000 soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen we have there today. [...]

Journal Edition 10

“To conquer the command of the air means victory; to be beaten in the air means defeat.” General Giulio Douhet, 1921 Whilst I am sure this edition provides something for all those with an interest [...]

Journal Edition 9

“He who has not first laid his foundations may be able with great ability to lay them afterwards, but they will be laid with trouble to the architect and danger to the building.” Nicolo Machiavelli [...]

Journal Edition 8

“Air Power is the most difficult of military force to measure or even to express in precise terms. The problem is compounded by the fact that aviation tends to attract adventurous souls, physically adept, mentally [...]

Journal Edition 7

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” General Dwight D Eisenhower I introduce this Edition of the JAPCC Journal with the above [...]

Journal Edition 6

“Air power is indivisible. If you split it up into compartments, you merely pull it to pieces and destroy its greatest asset, its flexibility.” Field Marshal Montgomery In a journal based around the theme of [...]

Journal Edition 5

“… the great uncertainty of all data in War is a peculiar difficulty, because all action must, to a certain extent, be planned in a mere twilight, which in addition not infrequently – like the [...]

Journal Edition 4

“My logisticians are a humourless lot … they know if my campaign fails, they are the first ones I will slay.” Alexander the Great While NATO’s approach to logistics may not be as direct as [...]

Journal Edition 3

As the process of NATO Transformation moves forward, it is clear that a number of key capability areas are now being tackled, including a wide range of air power related topics. However, perhaps one area [...]

Journal Edition 2

At the launch of the NATO Response Force (NRF), it was described by the Secretary General as “make or break for NATO”. This is a daunting build-up, but it is one that has concentrated the [...]

Journal Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Journal of the JAPCC, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre’s bi-annual publication. You will find a full explanation of the JAPCC’s genesis and its aims and objectives later [...]

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