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Our online features are short, online-only articles that respond to current developments and ideas on a wide range of air and space-related topics. They also report on news within the JAPCC. We welcome unsolicited manuscripts and invite you to submit them via email to .

A full list of online features published by the JAPCC can be downloaded from this page.



The Multinational Joint Warfare Centre

A Leading Centre of Warfare
By Col 
The modern battlefield dynamics are changing as much and as rapidly as the requirements of the forces operating in it. Thus, the training and exercises required to ensure the operational readiness of forces demands continuous [...]

The new NATO Space Centre of Excellence

A Newcomer in the World of Space Expertise for NATO’s Benefit
By Col 
Over decades, Space has taken an increasingly important role in all the aspects of our daily life. As a result, we are now permanently connected to and through ‘Space’. The strategic features of Space have [...]

It’s a Question of Gender!

Unmanned is now Uncrewed
By Lt Col 
‘Gender-inclusive language is about writing and speaking in a way that does not discriminate or marginalize on the basis of gender and does not promote or perpetuate gender stereotypes. Therefore, using gender-inclusive language proactively and [...]

Beyond the Blue

JAPCC’s Journey Through the 5th Operational Domain
By Maj 
Joint Air Power Competence Centre’s journey to Space began at its establishment in 2005 with the recognition that Space is a critical domain, enabling the application of military power across all domains. The 2008 whitepaper [...]

MDO: What’s in a Name?

Transforming JAPCC’s JADO Project to Better Support ACT’s MDO Concept
By Lt Col 
What started years ago as an operational answer to counter the Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) threat has become one of the most challenging endeavours NATO has ever undertaken. The challenges posed by the A2/AD posture represent [...]

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