Journal 2


By General Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, USA AF, Director, JAPCC

At the launch of the NATO Response Force (NRF), it was described by the Secretary General as “make or break for NATO”. This is a daunting build-up, but it is one that has concentrated the minds of all those involved in developing the concept and achieving Full Operational Capability. As the Air Component Commander responsible for the air assets assigned to NRF 7 and 8, I have become intimately familiar with the challenges this involves. The process of preparation of those forces offered to the NRF by Troop Contributing Nations began some time ago, and the training and certification of these forces bring their own demands. Clarity of purpose, unity of effort and quality of endeavour encapsulate the aspirations of the Joint Commander. These are characteristics familiar to many of us who have been involved in air operations over many years and it is to these noble aims that this edition of the JAPCC Journal is dedicated.

The response to the first edition of the Journal was overwhelmingly positive, and I honestly believe this second edition is even better. It is through the Journal and the JAPCC’s work on barebase activation, strategic lift, distributed simulation training and other associated projects, that the organisation will make a valuable contribution to the effectiveness of the air contribution to the NRF. The message is clear: for those of you involved in NRF-related work, the JAPCC may well be able to offer help and advice that will make your job easier!

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