Journal 7


Air Commodore Garfield Porter, GBR AF, Assistant Director Transformation, JAPCC

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
General Dwight D Eisenhower

I introduce this Edition of the JAPCC Journal with the above quote for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that its author oversaw one of history’s largest Battlespace Management (BSM) challenges – the amphibious assault on Normandy in 1944. An endeavour, which required the highest degree of cross-environmental co-ordination and, incidentally, was predicated on the delivery of unchallenged dominance of the skies!

It also rather succinctly draws a connection between BSM and Command, a theme we introduce in the opening article and the challenge we set out to explore from an air perspective throughout this Journal. Network enabling is the driver for this review of BSM. I hope you will agree, from the analysis of early networking in the Battle of Britain, to reflections on the very real challenges of contemporary operations, through to how BSM might evolve as new capabilities and concepts emerge, that the Air and Space environment is potentially in an era of seismic change. Our objective, therefore, is to open the debate on how that change might take place, rather than wait for it to unfurl around us.

I am also delighted to include 2 articles from one of the newer NATO members, Romania. In particular, our thanks go to Lt Gen Croitoru for his valuable insight into his Air Force’s on-going experience since joining the Alliance. We have also included a follow-up article on Space and a new subject, the Psychology of Remote Control Warfare, both aimed at broadening our perspective of all aspects of our operating domain. Indeed, these articles also act as a lead-in to our next Journal, Edition 8, where we do not intend to follow a single theme, but declare open season and ask for submissions on any subject associated with the evolution of Air and Space Power. So if you have an Air and Space Power itch you want to scratch, please pick up a pen! Similarly, if you disagree with anything we have published, write and tell us – I assure you, we will air your view.

Better still, come and join the debate at the JAPCC Conference 2008, the first to be hosted by our new Director, Gen Brady, on ‘Joint Air and Space Power – Decision Superiority in the 21st Century’ between 14-16 Oct. See you there!

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