The JAPCC’s mission is to provide advice and subject matter expertise for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; provide independent analysis and solutions to the Alliance of Nations, as well as future-oriented visions of Air and Space Power, all of which have to be realised in high-quality real-time professional output and targeted media. Our diverse online publication archives and academic material are professionally produced to communicate effectively and be recognised as a reliable and professional resource.

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Freedom of Manoeuvre in Cyberspace

By Lt Col 
By Maj 
NATO defines manoeuvre as ‘Employment of forces on the battlefield through movement in combination with fire, or fire potential, to achieve a position of advantage in respect to the enemy to accomplish the mission’. But [...]

Annual Report 2022

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on 24th February and the ongoing crimes committed against that sovereign state and its population are the defining geopolitical event of 2022. While NATO’s focus was under debate in 2021, [...]

Enhancing NATO Air and Space Power in an Age of Global Competition

A Review of the JAPCC’s Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2022
By Col 
‘Our world is contested and unpredictable’. ‘Pervasive instability’ and ‘strategic competition define our broader security environment’. The challenges and ‘threats we face are global and interconnected’. Overall, ‘the Euro-Atlantic area is not at Peace’. This [...]

Targeting with Due Regard to Cultural Property

By Mr 
By Prof. 
Damage and destruction of Cultural Property (CP) is a regrettable feature of warfare throughout history. The reasons range from the incidental, such as careless indifference, collateral damage coincident to legitimate acts, or lack of knowledge [...]

Insights from the Ukrainian Cyber Battlefield

Is the Private Sector a Game Changer?
By Lt Col 
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February shocked the entire world and created the most significant security crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Along with traditional kinetic warfare, Russia has conducted large-scale cyber [...]

The Impact of Commercial Space in Times of Conflict

From a Fortuitous Boost to a Potential Solution
By Maj 
By Maj 
In today’s connected world, communication and information offered by and through Space capabilities impact people’s everyday lives. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has highlighted what may happen if existing networks are denied. The harsh [...]

Russian Air Force’s Performance in Ukraine

Air Operations: The Fall of a Myth
By Lt Col 
On 24 February 2022, the world witnessed outrage over Russian missiles attacking multiple targets in Ukraine, waves of helicopters at very low altitudes in what appeared to be aerial assaults on various airports, and reports [...]

Quantum Technology for Defence

What to Expect for the Air and Space Domains
By Lt Col 
By Dr 
Quantum Technology (QT) has its foundation in quantum mechanics, a discipline more than one hundred years old. The first applications of quantum mechanics, known as Quantum Revolution 1.0, include nuclear fission, lasers, semiconductors, etc., where [...]

NATO IAMD Education and Training

Back to the New Normal
By Lt Col 
Russia’s air and missile attacks on Ukraine underscored the importance of Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) and, more specifically, Surface-Based Air and Missile Defence (SBAMD) as an essential part of NATO’s Defensive Counter-Air (DCA) [...]

NATO’s Multinational MRTT Unit

An Update and Case Study for Future Defence Cooperation
By Lt Col 
In the 32 Since publishing, a number of developments within NATO’s Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR) mission set warrants revisiting this topic. This article will provide a brief review of the formation of the MMU, update on the [...]

Air Power in the Russian-Ukrainian War: Myths and Lessons Learned

View from the Command Post
By Col 
By Lt Gen 
By Lt Gen 
Editor’s note: The JAPCC is presenting this article as a personal account from the Ukraine Air Chief and staff in their own words to further the public discourse on the war in Ukraine. The views [...]

Shaping Tomorrow’s Air Force

Many Challenges and Even More Opportunities!
By Maj Gen 
The geopolitical landscape is unprecedented and scattered more than ever. Facing emerging powers possessing state-of-the-art technologies becomes a day-to-day reality. Threats to our safety and global security evolve continuously. Crude actions and the aggressive rhetoric [...]

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