The JAPCC’s mission is to provide advice and subject matter expertise for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; provide independent analysis and solutions to the Alliance of Nations, as well as future-oriented visions of Air and Space Power, all of which have to be realised in high-quality real-time professional output and targeted media. Our diverse online publication archives and academic material are professionally produced to communicate effectively and be recognised as a reliable and professional resource.

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Drone Drills

How to Prepare for a Drone Incident
By Lt Col 
Well-established emergency procedures are vital for swift and efficient crisis management across military, civil, and public sectors. These protocols encompass first aid, fire, and bomb threat calls, aiming to save lives, prevent harm, and minimize [...]

Annual Report 2023

This edition of the Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the significant developments, projects, and research accomplished by the JAPCC in 2023. It also offers a glimpse into the exciting work we have planned [...]

Journal Edition 36

We are excited to unveil the new and improved JAPCC Journal, offering a transformative reading experience with captivating articles. To begin, it is crucial to highlight that the enduring conflict between tyranny and liberty remains [...]

The Challenge of Symbiosis

Synchronizing Kinetic and Non-Kinetic Ops
By Maj 
By Sqn Ldr 
The landscape of modern warfare has undergone significant transformations in recent years, becoming far more complex and multifaceted. The parameters of this new era of warfare have broadened beyond the traditional military-focused model, encompassing a [...]

Electronic Warfare in Ukraine

Preliminary Lessons for NATO Air Power Capability Development
By Mr 
The Russian Federation has invested heavily in Cyber and Electronic Warfare (EW) since the 2008 military reforms as an asymmetric response to NATO military capabilities that depend on sophisticated electronic systems. However, Russia has not fully [...]

The Heart of Decision Superiority

Evolve or Lose – Why Your Next War May Be Won or Lost in Seconds
By Col (ret.) 
‘The question is not whether NATO will need to evolve and develop its C4ISR capabilities but whether it can do so in time to meet the gathering threats to the Alliance.’ General James Cartwright, Former [...]

Agile Combat Employment

The Next Big Thing for NATO Air Power
By Lt Col 
The concept of Agile Combat Employment (ACE) may not be entirely new nor radical, but the complexities of modern warfare necessitate a number of modifications resulting in a more nuanced and innovative approach. Defined by [...]

Towards Intelligent Flight Simulator Training

By Prof. 
Murat Perit 
By Col 
Recent developments in neurophysiological sensor technologies have enabled the development of wearable and portable devices, leading to new research areas such as neuroergonomics. Such pBCI systems have the potential to enable the development of personalized training [...]

Fifth-Generation Intelligence Considerations

Cannot Be Afterthoughts
By Maj 
To unleash the full reconnaissance capabilities of fifth (and future) generation platforms, we need to prioritize and enable their potential for Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR), wherein non-ISR (albeit ISR-capable) platforms are tasked with [...]

NATO Rapid Air Mobility

Bringing the ‘Rapid’ into NATO Air Transport
By Maj 
Di Milia 
‘Obtaining additional air transport mobility – and obtaining it now – will better assure the ability of our conventional forces to respond, with discrimination and speed, to any problem at any spot on the globe [...]

Hypersonic Weapons on the Front Line

Deterrent or Detractor?
By Cdr 
Some regard hypersonic weapons as a niche capability that offers a new first-strike capability for a small set of high-value targets, while others argue they have little real impact beyond strategic messaging of national prestige [...]

The Italian Navy Carrier Strike Group

Vanguard for the Nation
By VAdm 
De Carolis 
‘The Italian Navy Fleet is undergoing a thorough process of preparation and training to guarantee the readiness of its forces and to ensure the maritime defence and security of our country, protecting national interests and [...]

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