The JAPCC’s mission is to provide advice and subject matter expertise for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; provide independent analysis and solutions to the Alliance of Nations, as well as future-oriented visions of Air and Space Power, all of which have to be realised in high-quality real-time professional output and targeted media. Our diverse online publication archives and academic material are professionally produced to communicate effectively and be recognised as a reliable and professional resource.

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Establishing a NATO-owned Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance Capability
Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of a coalition, such as NATO, have always played a key role in the success of operations. Although often this is considered an invisible job, the data collection and [...]

Annual Report 2021

The Alliance faces a dynamic security environment that foreshadows a future battlespace more complex than ever before, requiring a new level of interoperability and joint effort. To account for this phenomenon, the Alliance identified measures [...]

Journal Edition 33

It is a great honour to introduce myself as the new editor of the Journal of the JAPCC, and as the newly appointed Assistant Director of the JAPCC. The role of editor is a significant [...]

The TLP and the Pace of Change

TLP Challenges and Strategy
Change is associated in many cases with necessary actions, actions associated with positive effects, in politics, in aesthetics, in life. But this statement is not necessarily true if the changing subject already constitutes a relevant [...]

To Be or Not to Be Classified

Why Over-Classified Documents Make NATO’s Life Harder: The Overarching Space Policy as a Prominent Example
Space Support plays a significant role in modern warfare and is a key enabler for NATO’s technical advantage. Worldwide technical developments challenge this advantage, while Space has become congested and contested. Consequently, NATO developed an [...]

Meeting the Needs of Future Warfare

The JAPCC’s Experience as a Provider of an Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Element for NATO Exercises
In the first two decades following the end of the Cold War, NATO and its member states focused their training and exercises on the immediate needs of the new and diverse demands of crisis management [...]

Space Domain: A Global Vision

Space technologies moved fast in the last decade. Enhanced and new technologies combined with a business-model evolution enabled the conception and realization of a new class of space assets, which addressed new challenges and more [...]

Potential Game Changer for Close Air Support

Enhancing UAS Role in Contested Environments
The NATO Strategic Foresight Analysis Providing CAS to joint forces remains a crucial mission in the context of joint force operations. However, peer adversary capabilities, including the threat posed to Alliance platforms from Air Defence [...]

Responsive Space for NATO Operations – Part 3

Space Support plays a significant role in modern warfare and is a key enabler for NATO’s technical advantage. Worldwide technological developments challenge this advantage while Space has become increasingly congested and contested. This is the [...]

Possibilities and Limits of a C2 (R)Evolution

Military planners often focus on the development of individual capabilities without considering how they will work in concert with the rest of a nation’s forces or let alone allied forces. As with any fine symphony [...]

Defending Space in and through Cyberspace

A Fragile Stability in Space
In a recently published book titled ‘2034’, Admiral Stavridis and Elliot Ackerman, two former military officers with deep operational and diplomatic backgrounds, tried to describe how and, apparently, when a future war with China might [...]

Air-Land Integration – Bridging the Gaps in Joint with Force Education and Training

Practical Solutions for Air-Land Interoperability in NATO
In military and industry circles, it is very common to hear technology promoted as a joint and interoperable capability without much attention being paid to the people employing those capabilities. No matter how much faith [...]

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