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The focus of JAPCC activities is guided by the Programme of Work (PoW), which encompasses over 130 active items. The PoW is shaped by the Steering Committee, which ratified JAPCC’s ‘focus areas’ to align with the core concept of NATO accredited Centres of Excellence (CoEs): to supporting the Alliance’s transformation across four functional pillars. The JAPCC leverages its academic freedom to serve as a key catalyst for NATO Airpower, fostering innovative thinking and actively contributing to NATO’s transformation in collaboration with HQ SACT.

Managing JAPCC’s PoW is a dynamic process that adapts to formal Requests for Support (RfS) received through two main channels: the TRANSNET RFS Tool for NATO Bodies and the RfS Form on the JAPCC website for Sponsoring Nations and NATO partners. 

The JAPCC must carefully consider each request on a case-by-case basis to determine which ones can be processed and which ones must be rejected based on the Centre’s capacity. This highlights the importance of having a fully staffed Centre of Excellence, as not only are RfSs a priority, but also tasks such as concept and doctrine development, lessons learned, and support to large-scale NATO exercises depends on this capacity.

To manage the increasing number of requests, JAPCC is currently improving the RfS management process by streamlining it and prioritizing and categorizing tasks.

While it is disappointing when we must decline an RfS, we take heart knowing that our services are in high demand, and that we are selecting the activities that provide the greatest return to NATO and our Sponsoring Nations.

To initiate the collaboration with JAPCC and submit your Request for Support, please feel free to fill out the following web form. We kindly ask you to be as specific as possible; this will ease our assessment of your RfS and increase the probability of a positive response to your inquiry.

Provided that you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email at

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What can we do for you?

In the framework of Concept development and Analysis and Lessons learned, the JAPCC publishes the outcomes of projects, activities, and key deliverables as ‘White Papers’ covering a wealth of themed topics to help promote a better understanding of the Air and Space Power subject matter that is developing globally.

The JAPCC has a letter of Agreement with NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, as the Opposing Force (OPFOR) planner for the STEADFAST series of exercises for air, space, and cyberspace. For nearly a decade, our ACE branch has coordinated and led the OPFOR air, space and cyberspace teams. To provide comprehensive support, personnel of other staff have regularly augmented this team, under the leadership of the 'Support to Exercises' SME. The JAPCC’s network of experts is crucial to continue this support to the JWC, as well as the support to HQ AIRCOM’s main exercises. Based on the availability of respective experts the JAPCC will consider supporting other exercises and/or wargames.

In the framework of the Education, Training, Exercise & Evaluation line of effort, the JAPCC collaborates with the NATO School and other NATO and National educational organizations and academia. In this way, JAPCC disseminates its unique expertise by deploying its experts to support courses, brief experts of national military staff, or provide speakers for conferences.

The JAPCC produces a range of articles to share thoughts, research and analysis of particular themes to stimulate innovative thinking about transforming Joint Air and Space Power. The nature of an article depends on its purpose and demand. The JAPCC intends to focus its articles on the concepts of the Alliance future transformation that address capability development, doctrine, techniques and procedures, interoperability, exercises and training, force structure and lessons learned from current conflicts, etc.

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Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the JAPCC is sponsored by 14 NATO nations who provide a variety of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) that come from all three services. Through its multi-discipline organization, the JAPCC chooses the most suitable SMEs for the task and combines their knowledge and experience to fully contribute to transforming NATO’s A&S Power. More importantly, the JAPCC is not constrained by the need for consensus or by political expediency in developing ideas. It can offer independent military advice across the spectrum of A&S Power to NATO HQs and national policy-making bodies.

Our primary customers are NATO Headquarters (Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation, NATO Joint Commands and Air Command) and sponsoring nations. However, the JAPCC does accept Requests for Support (RfS) from other sources via our RfS form, which can be accessed via the link below. With numerous successful products and ever-increasing connections with industry and academia, the JAPCC continues to build upon its reputation as NATO’s preeminent advocate for the development and enhancement of Joint A&S Power.

A&S Power SMEs, drawn from the Land, Maritime and Air components of the 16 MoU nations, conduct collaborative research into areas in which JAPCC assistance is requested by leveraging their independent thought and a global network of experts that reach across the military, academic and industrial spheres. The resulting analysis and solutions are disseminated via studies, reports, journal articles, seminars, panels and conferences.

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