Some Facts about the Joint Air Power Competence Centre

What’s the organization of the JAPCC ?

Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the JAPCC is sponsored by 16 NATO nations who provide a variety of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) that come from all three services. Through its multi-discipline organization, the JAPCC chooses the most suitable SMEs for the task and combines their knowledge and experience to fully contribute to transforming NATO’s A&S Power. More importantly, the JAPCC is not constrained by the need for consensus or by political expediency in developing ideas. It can offer independent military advice across the spectrum of A&S Power to NATO HQs and national policy-making bodies.

What can the JAPCC do for you ?

Our primary customers are NATO Headquarters (Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation, NATO Joint Commands and Air Command) and sponsoring nations. However, the JAPCC does accept Requests for Support (RfS) from other sources via our RfS form, which can be accessed through the JAPCC website. With numerous successful products and ever-increasing connections with industry and academia, the JAPCC continues to build upon its reputation as NATO’s preeminent advocate for the development and enhancement of Joint A&S Power.

How does the JAPCC accomplish its mission ?

A&S Power SMEs, drawn from the Land, Maritime and Air components of the 16 MoU nations, conduct collaborative research into areas in which JAPCC assistance is requested by leveraging their independent thought and a global network of experts that reach across the military, academic and industrial spheres. The resulting analysis and solutions are disseminated via studies, reports, journal articles, seminars, panels and conferences.

JAPCC Vision

Be NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; delivering effective solutions through independent thought and analysis.

JAPCC Mission

The JAPCC, as a team of multinational experts, is to provide key decision-makers effective solutions on Air and Space Power challenges, in order to safeguard NATO and the Nations’ interests.