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Based on a letter of Agreement with NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, the JAPCC has been developing scenarios and providing the related Opposing Force (OPFOR) Planning for the STEADFAST series of exercises. For nearly a decade, ACE has coordinated and led the OPFOR Air, Space and Cyberspace team. To provide comprehensive support, personnel of other staff has regularly augmented this team, under the leadership of the Support to Exercises SME. The JAPCC’s network of experts is crucial to continue this support to the JWC, as well as the support to HQ AIRCOM’s main exercise RAMSTEIN Ambition. Based on the availability of respective experts the JAPCC also provides support to other exercises.

Featured Publications

A Transformative Exercise

Air Defender 2023: Elevating NATO’s Defence Strategies
By Lt Gen 
Initiated by Germany in 2018, AIR DEFENDER 2023 (AD23) aimed to be the most extensive deployment and live flying exercise of Air Forces in Europe since the establishment of NATO. Its purpose was to send [...]

The Multinational Joint Warfare Centre

A Leading Centre of Warfare
By Col 
The modern battlefield dynamics are changing as much and as rapidly as the requirements of the forces operating in it. Thus, the training and exercises required to ensure the operational readiness of forces demands continuous [...]

Meeting the Needs of Future Warfare

The JAPCC’s Experience as a Provider of an Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Element for NATO Exercises
By Lt Col 
In the first two decades following the end of the Cold War, NATO and its member states focused their training and exercises on the immediate needs of the new and diverse demands of crisis management [...]

Subject Matter Expert

Lieutenant Colonel

Jhon van den Hudding

Subject Matter Expert 
Analysis and Lessons Learned, Exercise Support

Lt Col van den Hudding joined the Royal Netherlands Armed Force in Nov 1998. After graduation he was stationed at the Dutch CRC, callsign “Bandbox” where he served in different positions. In 2010 he was posted at the NAEW&C Component in Geilenkirchen Germany, where he became instructor and evaluator. In...


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