Lieutenant Colonel


van den Hudding 

Joint Air Power Competence Centre
Subject Matter Expert

Lt Col van den Hudding joined the Royal Netherlands Armed Force in Nov 1998. After graduation he was stationed at the Dutch CRC, callsign “Bandbox” where he served in different positions. In 2010 he was posted at the NAEW&C Component in Geilenkirchen Germany, where he became instructor and evaluator. In 2015 Lt Col van den Hudding was posted back to the CRC, where he became project officer for the SMART-L radar. After a short time back to the NAEW&C Component, he was assigned to the CAOC in Uedem in 2019 where he was responsible for datalinks and he participated in the JFAC at Ramstein Airbase. Lt Col van den Hudding completed multiple operational tours during UNPROFOR (former Yugoslavia), OUP (Lybia), ISAF (Afghanistan) and Counter ISIL (Middle East). Currently Lt Col van den Hudding is responsible for exercise support and lessons learned.

Information provided is current as of January 2023

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