Analysis and Lessons Learned

The A&LL SME regularly reviews NATO LL documents to provide updates to all branches and project leads to ensure that the JAPCC’s work fully takes into account LL from operations, exercises and concept development and experimentation. In this same vein, LL derived from JAPCC projects and activities are provided to the NATO LL process. In close coordination with the A&LL section, the Exercise Support section contributes post-exercise reporting to be included in the respective exercise reports and LL reporting from exercises. Broad-based as well as specific analysis from the NATO LL database allows for the informed and focused pursuit of JAPCC projects in line with ACT LL priorities.

Featured Publications

A View from Above

Air Domain Focused Observations on the Ukraine Conflict
Although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, with no prospect for termination of the hostilities in the foreseeable future, some initial observations can be made with respect to the air domain. These [...]

The TLP and the Pace of Change

TLP Challenges and Strategy
Change is associated in many cases with necessary actions, actions associated with positive effects, in politics, in aesthetics, in life. But this statement is not necessarily true if the changing subject already constitutes a relevant [...]

25 Years of Integrated Air and Missile Defence Training

Sharpening and Sharing Knowledge to Prepare for the Future
The Cold War timeframe is often looked upon as a gloomy era; however, it also provided positive things, like military, social, and relative political stability in Western Europe. The end of the Cold War gave [...]

Subject Matter Expert

Lieutenant Colonel

Marco Sampimon

Subject Matter Expert 
Analysis and Lessons Learned, Exercise Support

Lieutenant Colonel Marco Sampimon is the primary point of contact within the JAPCC for Exercises and Lessons Learned. He is also JAPCC’s permanent liaison to NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger. As JAPCC’s Exercise coordinator, he is actively involved with the development and scripting of NATO exercises as Ramstein Ambition...


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