Analysis and Lessons Learned

The A&LL SME regularly reviews NATO LL documents to provide updates to all branches and project leads to ensure that the JAPCC’s work fully takes into account LL from operations, exercises and concept development and experimentation. In this same vein, LL derived from JAPCC projects and activities are provided to the NATO LL process. In close coordination with the A&LL section, the Exercise Support section contributes post-exercise reporting to be included in the respective exercise reports and LL reporting from exercises. Broad-based as well as specific analysis from the NATO LL database allows for the informed and focused pursuit of JAPCC projects in line with ACT LL priorities.

Featured Publications

Allied Air Command Lessons from Ukraine

Implications from NATO Air & Space Power Conference
By Wg Cdr 
The ongoing conflict between Russia (RUS) and Ukraine (UKR) has presented a unique opportunity for the Alliance to reflect on the experiences of both combatants and extract significant lessons for both the Air and Space [...]

Enhancing NATO Air and Space Power in an Age of Global Competition

A Review of the JAPCC’s Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2022
By Col 
‘Our world is contested and unpredictable’. ‘Pervasive instability’ and ‘strategic competition define our broader security environment’. The challenges and ‘threats we face are global and interconnected’. Overall, ‘the Euro-Atlantic area is not at Peace’. This [...]

Air Power in the Russian-Ukrainian War: Myths and Lessons Learned

View from the Command Post
By Col 
By Lt Gen 
By Lt Gen 
Editor’s note: The JAPCC is presenting this article as a personal account from the Ukraine Air Chief and staff in their own words to further the public discourse on the war in Ukraine. The views [...]

Subject Matter Experts

Lieutenant Colonel

Jhon van den Hudding

Subject Matter Expert 
Analysis and Lessons Learned, Exercise Support

Lt Col van den Hudding joined the Royal Netherlands Armed Force in Nov 1998. After graduation he was stationed at the Dutch CRC, callsign “Bandbox” where he served in different positions. In 2010 he was posted at the NAEW&C Component in Geilenkirchen Germany, where he became instructor and evaluator. In...

Lieutenant Colonel

Kim Vogt

Subject Matter Expert 
Analysis and Lessons Learned, Education & Training

Lieutenant Colonel Vogt, joined the German Armed Forces in September 2001. After completion of his Officer Training, he studied Economic Studies at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich from 2003 to 2007. Lieutenant Colonel Vogt is an Air Defence Officer by trade and worked in various positions...


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