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Dr Dirk Zimper joined the German Air Force in 2004 and holds a doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering. Professionally trained as an ammunition specialist, he commanded a specialized maintenance unit for aerial missile systems. From 2013 to 2016, he served as Executive Officer for the Applied Vehicle Technology Panel at the NATO Science and Technology Organization. In 2019, was appointed as Executive Board Representative Defence and Security Research and, in 2020, as Managing Director to the Responsive Space Cluster Competence Center at DLR. Furthermore, he is a Member of the Science and Technology Board and is an advisor to the FMoD and the Munich Security Conference.

Information provided is current as of July 2022

From the Author

Deterrence in the Space Domain

Increasing Deterrence in Space by Gaining a Mindset for Agile Space Operations
At Brussel’s NATO Summit in 2020, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg launched the #NATO 2030 effort remarking that ­‘resilience – be it infrastructure, telecommunications, 5G or healthcare, access to protective equipment – all of that [...]

Responsive Space for NATO Operations – Part 3

Space Support plays a significant role in modern warfare and is a key enabler for NATO’s technical advantage. Worldwide technological developments challenge this advantage while Space has become increasingly congested and contested. This is the [...]

Responsive Space for NATO Operations – Part 2

Space Support plays a significant role in today’s modern warfare and is a key enabler for NATO’s technical and operational advantage. Worldwide technical developments challenge this advantage while Space has become congested and contested. This [...]

Research, Development, and Acquisition of Counter-UAS Technologies

In general terms, Research, Development and Acquisition (RD&A) can be loosely defined as the efforts undertaken by companies and governments to innovate and introduce new products to achieve or enhance specific capabilities. Therein Research and [...]

Hypersonic Vehicles

Game Changers for Future Warfare?
Hypersonic technologies offer potential solutions and applications that could have a strong impact on doctrine and conduct of future military operations. Different applications are conceivable for hypersonic flight vehicles in order to enable new or [...]

Laser-Based Space Debris Removal

An Approach for Protecting the Critical Infrastructure Space
Critical infrastructures are organizations and institutions whose failure or impairment would cause sustained shortage of supplies, significant disruption of public security, or other dramatic consequences for the state or community they support. Following the classification [...]

Platform Autonomy

State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives from an S&T Point of View
The Applied Vehicle Technology Panel (AVT) is an ­international network of defence scientists and engin­eers dedicated to increasing the performance of new and ageing vehicles in the air, sea, land, and space ­domains. This network [...]

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