Bayern-Chemie GmbH, Subsidiary of MBDA Missile Systems

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Ludwig Besser was Technical Director of Bayern-Chemie GmbH,
a sub­sidiary of MBDA Missile Systems for 18 years. He is still working as senior consultant to the company. Hans L. Besser has worked in different divisions of predecessor companies of EADS (today Airbus) and has more than 35 years of ex­peri­ence in the development of tactical missile propulsion and inherent missile system issues. He was engaged in various technology demonstrators (hypervelocity) and missile systems like ALARM, VT1, and especially the development of the ramjet propulsion for the European Air Dominance Missile Meteor. Hans L. Besser has a Dipl. Ing. degree for technical physics from the Technical University Munich (Germany).Hans L. Besser is Panel Member of AVT since 1998 and chairs the Strategic Committee of the Panel since 2011. He received two Panel Excellence Awards for his service.

Information provided is current as of July 2015

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