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Lieutenant Colonel Livio Rossetti was commissioned in the Italian Army in 1993, as an infantry officer. After three years he transited to the Army Aviation schools and graduated as a rotary-wing pilot in 1998. Lieutenant Colonel Rossetti has served as Platoon Commander, Squadron Commander, and S3-cell Chief. He has flown utility helicopters AB-206, AB-205, AB-212, AB-412, as well as the AW-129, Mangusta, combat helicopter. As an aircrew and staff officer, he has deployments to the Balkans Peninsula (Albania, Kosovo), Middle East (Lebanon, Iraq) and Central Asia (Afghanistan). Lieutenant Colonel Rossetti is a qualified CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) specialist, an airmobile instructor, and he is currently stationed at the JAPCC – Kalkar, as Air-Land Operations expert in the Combat Air Branch.

Information provided is current as of January 2022

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