Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2019-2022)

Colonel Matthew Willis currently serves as the Chief of Staff at the Joint Air Power Competence Centre. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BSc in Aerospace Engineering and entered the US Air Force in 1990. He has been an F-16 Instructor Pilot, Flight Examiner, Flight Commander and Assistant Director of Operations. He also served as a Director of Operations and Squadron Commander for flying training and support squadrons. He is a command pilot with 2,400 flying hours, including more than 100 combat hours, and was a SEAD instructor pilot in the F-16CJ. Most recently, Colonel Willis finished two consecutive foreign affairs tours as the US Defense Attaché to Poland and as the Air Attaché to Israel.

Information provided is current as of December 2021

From the Author

Transitioning NATO to an All-Domain Mindset

By Capt 
By Col 
Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) is a concept with the ambition of maximizing the effectiveness of all declared NATO forces through broadly focusing on two critical interoperability areas: obstacles between services and across the nations. The [...]

Cyber-Electromagnetic Domain

The Necessity of Integrating the Electromagnetic Spectrum’s Disciplines Under a Single Domain of Operations
By Lt Col 
By Col 
Even though NATO currently recognizes the Electromagnetic Environment (EME) as an operating environment, the latest Libya operations and the Syrian conflict battlespace highlighted that coalition forces might be required to operate within an extremely complex [...]

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