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Sergeant Major


Support Staff, 
Publications, Promotions & Communications

Sergeant Major Aarts joined the forces in 2000 and, in July 2002, completed the Specialist Ground Defence Training and was assigned to Volkel Air Base as Group Commander within a Security Wing. In 2005, he became Training Sergeant of a Security Wing. In 2008, he was appointed as a Junior...

Lieutenant General

Domenico Abbenante

Lieutenant General Domenico Abbenante graduated from the University of Florence in 1981, Degree in Medicine and Surgery, and was commissioned a first lieutenant at the Italian Air Force Application School in Florence. His first assignment was as a Medical Director at Perdasdefogu Experimental Training Polygon, Sardinia in 1982. Since then,...


Yildirim Acikel

Colonel Yildirim Acikel flew the A400M and served as the Static Air Defence Centre (SADC) Division Head at CAOC-Torrejon from 1 August 2015 to 30 September 2016.

Wing Commander

André Adamson

André Adamson is a Wing Commander in the RAF and military desk officer for UK-France relations at the UK Ministry of Defence. His previous posting was as an exchange officer in the Strategy Division of the French Air Staff in Paris, prior to which he served in a wide variety...


Michael Adubato

Michael Adubato is retired from the US Army and has been working for NATO at the Language Testing Center, Linguistic Services, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe for the past 15 years, where he is responsible for assuring, by testing IAW STANAG 6001, the English language proficiency levels of military personnel...

Brigadier General

Francesco Saverio Agresti

Brigadier General Francesco Saverio Agresti joined the ITAF in 1984. He was stationed for most of his operational flying career in Northern Italy and started flying the Fiat G-91, followed by the AM-X in both, the Fighter-Bomber and RECCE role. Brigadier General Agresti participated in NATO operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and...

Lieutenant Colonel

Osman Aksu

Lieutenant Colonel Osman Aksu graduated in 2001 from the TURAF Academy with an Electronic Engineering Degree. After undertaking flight training and basic Weapons Controller training in Izmir, until 2003, was assigned as Weapons Controller at Diyarbakr CRC. In 2008, he was selected as AEWC Project Officer for Peace Eagle in...


Elie Alhajjar

Dr Elie Alhajjar is a Senior Research scientist at the Army Cyber Institute and jointly an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, where he teaches and mentors cadets from all academic disciplines. Before coming to West Point, Dr...


Gustavo Alonso

Professor Gustavo Alonso received a Master in aerospace engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in 1990, an MBA from IESE in 1998 and a PhD in aerospace engineering from UPM in 2005. He is currently Professor at the School of Aerospace Engineering of UPM. He is the Programme Director...

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