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Lieutenant Colonel Grest is currently serving in the C4ISR+S Branch as a Space SME. In 1982 he began his military career as a conscript. In previous appointments, he has been working in various command and staff positions in the area of Surface-Based Air and Missile Defence as well as in different national staff positions. He was deployed to the NATO mission in Afghanistan at ISAF HQ. Lieutenant Colonel Grest holds a diploma in business administration from the Bundeswehr University Hamburg.

Information provided is current as of February 2022

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Space Operations

Today’s modern warfare is heavily dependent on the Space Domain; the use of Data, Products and Services (DPS) from Space-based capabilities allows all national armed forces, to include NATO as well as potential adversaries, to [...]

Space: NATO’s Newest Operational Domain

The Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) is currently officially recognized as the COE ‘for the facilitation of Joint Air Power transformation within NATO’s overall transformation efforts’. The original Concept for the JAPCC, submitted by [...]

New Space

Advantage or Threat for the Military?
The importance of Space-based capabilities in today’s modern world and especially in technologically advanced armed forces is beyond dispute. Satellite communications, precise positioning and navigation, time synchronization as well as Space-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance [...]

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Managing Space Education and Training in NATO

The JAPCC’s New Role as the Department Head for Space
On 24 May 2016, the Assistant Director of the JAPCC, Air Commodore Madeleine Spit signed the Appointment Letter officially confirming the designation of the JAPCC as Department Head (DH) for ‘Space Support to NATO Operations’. [...]

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