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Be NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; delivering effective solutions through independent thought and analysis.

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As a team of multinational experts, we’re to provide key decision-makers effective solutions on Air and Space Power challenges, in order to safeguard NATO and the Nations’ interests.

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Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of a coalition, such as NATO, have always played a key role in the success of operations. Although often this is considered an invisible job, the data collection and Intel analysis provide decision-makers and actors with a better situational awareness of what is happening in all domains of military operations. This means that allies work together to collect, analyse, and share information for target acquisition with maximum effects. In recent years, changes in the...

Resiliency in Space as a Combined Challenge for NATO

Today’s military operations rely significantly on Space support. NATO Allies are operating modern and technically advanced armed forces. This technical advantage can be seen as a kind of deterrence, but recent worldwide developments in counter-Space and Space technology are challenging NATO’s technical advantage. Spacefaring nations such as the ones inside the Alliance attempt to secure their Space-based services as much as possible and design them to be as resilient as realizable. This is accomplished mostly through technical protection means or...

A Comprehensive Approach to Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems

This technical manual covers all aspects of having to counter the full spectrum of unmanned aircraft and their respective system components. It should serve to bring together both civilian and military experts by initiating thought and emphasizing NATO’s approach to a comprehensive solution for countering unmanned aircraft systems. We hope that you will find this book useful and a valuable addition to the academic body of work published by the JAPCC on Joint Air and Space Power.   Jeffrey L....

Joint Air and Space Power

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Our multinational team of subject matter experts from across all military services provides the Alliance with recognized expertise, experience, and in-depth knowledge committed to delivering effective solutions for the Alliance through independent thought and analysis.

Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2022

Enhancing NATO Air & Space Power in an Age of Global Competition

In 2022 the Joint Air & Space Power Conference will focus on Enhancing NATO Air & Space Power in an Age of Global Competition and will be held from 11 to 13 October 2022 at the Congress Centre Essen, Germany.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre has been NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power, providing advice to senior leaders and solutions to challenges facing our Alliance. Our annual Joint Air and Space Power Conference has become an esteemed venue for senior leaders and experts to discuss and debate issues affecting Joint Air and Space capabilities and interoperability with an eye on strengthening assurance, deterrence and defence. It provides a unique venue for you to help inform and shape the thinking of Joint Air and Space practitioners from across NATO, the European Union and other international partners.

At the upcoming Madrid Summit, NATO nations will agree to a new Strategic Concept that will define the approach of the Alliance to maintain peace and security, drive NATO’s strategic adaptation and guide its future political and military development. It will thus provide overarching guidance for NATO’s political activities and decision-making on military capabilities, structures and processes.

The Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2022 will explore how NATO should further proceed on its path to address the challenges to security and enhance NATO Air and Space Power in face of global, systemic competition. NATO will have to meet the requirements of a multi-faceted, demanding environment to remain a credible Alliance for the defence of its members and the shared values of our free and democratic societies.

We would be delighted to meet you in Essen and encourage you to pass the message about this year’s theme and topics to members of your organization that might particularly benefit from participating in our Conference. Early registrations are very much appreciated to support our planning.

Recent Publications


Establishing a NATO-owned Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance Capability
Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of a coalition, such as NATO, have always played a key role in the success of operations. Although often this is considered an invisible job, the data collection and [...]

Annual Report 2021

The Alliance faces a dynamic security environment that foreshadows a future battlespace more complex than ever before, requiring a new level of interoperability and joint effort. To account for this phenomenon, the Alliance identified measures [...]

Journal Edition 33

It is a great honour to introduce myself as the new editor of the Journal of the JAPCC, and as the newly appointed Assistant Director of the JAPCC. The role of editor is a significant [...]

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The JAPCC’s mission is to provide advice and subject matter expertise for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; provide independent analysis and solutions to the Alliance of Nations, as well as future-oriented visions of Air and Space Power, all of which have to be realised in high-quality real-time professional output and targeted media. Our diverse online publication archives and academic material are professionally produced to communicate effectively and be recognised as a reliable and professional resource.

Professional Air and Space Power Publications Written by NATO’s Premier Subject Matter Experts

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Fast Facts

Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the JAPCC is sponsored by 14 NATO nations who provide a variety of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) that come from all three services. Through its multi-discipline organization, the JAPCC chooses the most suitable SMEs for the task and combines their knowledge and experience to fully contribute to transforming NATO’s A&S Power. More importantly, the JAPCC is not constrained by the need for consensus or by political expediency in developing ideas. It can offer independent military advice across the spectrum of A&S Power to NATO HQs and national policy-making bodies.

Our primary customers are NATO Headquarters (Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation, NATO Joint Commands and Air Command) and sponsoring nations. However, the JAPCC does accept Requests for Support (RfS) from other sources via our RfS form, which can be accessed through the JAPCC website. With numerous successful products and ever-increasing connections with industry and academia, the JAPCC continues to build upon its reputation as NATO’s preeminent advocate for the development and enhancement of Joint A&S Power

A&S Power SMEs, drawn from the Land, Maritime and Air components of the 16 MoU nations, conduct collaborative research into areas in which JAPCC assistance is requested by leveraging their independent thought and a global network of experts that reach across the military, academic and industrial spheres. The resulting analysis and solutions are disseminated via studies, reports, journal articles, seminars, panels and conferences.

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